This year’s Post Secondary Recruitment Campaign will run until November 30, 2022. 

It is that time again… November. The Government of Canada’s Post Secondary Recruitment (PSR) campaign is now open. During the next few weeks, thousands of Canadian students from across the nation and abroad will compete for the final prize – an indeterminate full-time position in the Government of Canada. Only a select few will be chosen for these coveted jobs. If you are not chosen for a position, you will have to compete during the year in job competitions that are open to the public or wait another long year for the next PSR campaign to be held. During that year, colleagues who prepared for the exams will be starting their new positions. A solid knowledge of preparing your resume for the federal government, studying for the Government exams, and practicing for federal Government interviews is imperative to succeed.

What’s new this year?

In comparison to previous years, the inventories are extremely targeted.

This year the PSR Campaign is featuring three inventories:

  1. Careers in Data Science
  2. Careers in Epidemiology
  3. Careers in Procurement, Materiel Management and Real Property

As expected, this year, COVID-19 continues to place a significant toll on hiring practices in the Government of Canada. Both internal and external selection processes are being delayed due to departments managing return to work policies.

In addition to the above, the growing Canadian debt is now playing a role in departments’ participation (soliciting applications through their own PSR inventories) and the number of positions offered in this year’s campaign. As mentioned in the 2022 Fall Economic Statement, the Government of Canada will now be entering into an economical Stewardship period. However, there’s no need to worry! Despite the above, new employees are always needed! With older employees continuously retiring, there’s an ongoing need to have well-prepared individuals to replace them. External candidates continue to receive indeterminate positions; however, at a slower rate.

Like last year, the Public Service Commission (PSC) will require job candidates to write an unsupervised Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE). The Situational Judgement Test and the Graduate Recruitment Test continue to be excluded from the initial stages of testing; however, as noted last year, some departments may request that these exams and the Written Comprehension Proficiency Test be written during their additional screening processes at a later date. Therefore, we have kept them in our preparation package.

Similar to last year, there are three inventories. This means that competition will be fierce for a limited number of positions.


The inventories are chosen based on the present professions in demand in the Government of Canada at the time of the PSR campaign. Once the pools are established, departments are invited to draw from these pools of pre-screened candidates. Hiring managers throughout the federal public service and across the country have year-round access to these sources of talent to meet their hiring needs. They can quickly and easily connect with talented candidates in the inventories.

Applicants are invited to apply to specific job positions through their account at

The three inventories chosen for this year are:

1) Careers in Data Science

Positions in this inventory may vary. There are 30 positions available.

Positions could include some of the following tasks:

• Experience using machine learning or artificial intelligence techniques in the context of
  natural language processing, text data, numerical data, image data or automation of
  information extraction from PDF files;

• Experience with Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, etc.);

• Experience developing model testing and validation frameworks;

• Experience using a version control system to manage coding projects (e.g. GitHub,
  GitLab or Teams Foundation Server);

• Experience building data processing pipelines components in the context of text data,
  numerical data or image data;

• Experience with Data Engineering, Automation, and Data Pipelines creation;

• Experience in creating, optimizing and deploying data pipelines in cloud infrastructure
  (e.g. working with databases and tools such as Kubeflow, Kubernetes, and Continuous
  Integration/Continuous Deployment tools);

• Experience developing, validating or operationalizing supervised and unsupervised
  machine learning models (e.g. working with MLOps tools such as MLFlow and Seldon

• Experience with technical task management and project management using
  methodologies such as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Lean Startup or Agile; and,

• Experience with Web-development and front-end development in HTML, CSS,
  JavaScript, D3, amongst others.

Online Information sessions on how to apply:

  • To register, choose the date and time that works for you and copy and paste the link into your browser. After registering, you will receive a Microsoft Teams link for the session.

November 10, 2022 – English session: here
November 16, 2022 – English session: here
November 17, 2022 – French session: here

2) Careers in Epidemiology

Positions in this inventory are EC04s. There are 30 positions available.

Positions could include some of the following tasks:

• Conducts, plans, designs epidemiological research, studies, and surveillance through data
   collection, validation, analysis, monitoring and interpretation;
• Critically evaluates and assesses epidemiological/statistical and other scientific evidence,
   studies, targeted surveillance and research activities, and methodologies to identify and
   evaluate risk factors to public health as well as to validate the integrity of the data and
   scientific methodology;
• Prepares and disseminates reports for use by stakeholders and prepares data/statistics and
   information for briefings, presentations, responses to ministerial enquiries, the media and the
• Develops recommendations for consideration by HC and PHAC senior management in making
   evidenced-based decisions on strategic planning and required areas of research;
• Participates in multi-disciplinary project teams to conduct epidemiological studies and analysis;
• May manage project teams or a unit conducting epidemiological and/or bio-statistical research,
  surveillance, risk assessment and investigations.

Online Information sessions on how to apply:

  • To register, choose the date and time that works for you and copy and paste the link into your browser.

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

November 17, 2022 – English session:
November 21, 2022 – French session:

3) Careers in Procurement, Materiel Management and Real Property

Positions in this inventory will be AS-01, AS-02, CR-04, CR-05, PG-01, PG-02. There are 100 positions available.

This inventory is divided in the following three streams:

Stream 1: Procurement & Contracting

The Government of Canada is one of the country’s largest buyers. Success candidates will be responsible for purchasing everything from scientific services, high technology equipment, military equipment, and construction services to professional services. While working to provide opportunities for small and diverse businesses and working to ensure that the things we buy are sustainable, support positive social and economic outcomes for Canadians, and are purchased from suppliers that uphold the highest ethical standards.

Responsibilities and duties may include:

• Analyses routine, and low to medium complexity business owners’ requirements,
  specifications, and requisition documents;
• Verifies and analyses the overall performance of contracts in collaboration with the business  
   owners for accuracy, integrity, and compliance;
•  Provides advice and recommends options on procurement strategies that meet operational
   requirements and deliver broader socio-economic value;
• Develops and issues solicitation documents consisting of needs and delivery requirements,
  statements of work and specifications, and evaluation criteria;
• Negotiates contract terms and pricing with supplier; and,
• Manages relationships with suppliers and their performance.

To find out more about the careers in Public Procurement, visit the following website:

Stream 2: Materiel Management

The federal Materiel Management Community is responsible for over $3.5B in machinery and equipment acquisitions, over 28,000 vehicles, and $54M in gross revenues for the sale of surplus moveable assets.

Responsibilities and duties may include:

• Manages the lifecycle of movable assets, goods, and services;
• Fleet management and supporting the government’s move to zero-emission vehicles;
• Assesses and plans materiel requirements and activities;
• Strategic analysis and advice on materiel management policies, legislation, regulation. and
Disposal of surplus assets; and,
Tracks inventory levels and conditions of equipment.

Stream 3: Real Property

Real Property enables the delivery of programs and services to Canadians. From national parks to border crossings and military bases, our portfolio includes 20,000 properties totalling over 41 million hectares of land, and over 39,000 buildings totalling 29 million m² of floor space.

Responsibilities and duties may include:

• Management of assets;
• Acquisition and disposal transactions;
• Project delivery;
• Governance and reporting;
• Client consultation and liaison;
• Contract management; and,
• Financial management and analysis.

How will applicants be tested this year?   

Before COVID-19, the structure of PSR campaigns have been very clear; however, the impacts of the pandemic will play a large factor in the design of this year’s campaign.

  On-line testing (unsupervised) – Public Service Entrance Exam

  • The unsupervised Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE UIT 370) is divided into two sub-tests: the Test of Reasoning and the Test of Judgement. All applicants are required to take the Test of Reasoning (sub-test 1), the Test of Judgement (sub-test 2) is required only if additional information is needed to complete the assessment.
  • The PSEE can be written in an unsupervised environment anywhere the applicant has access to a computer and an Internet connection.
  • An applicant is permitted to write the PSEE once. Your score will be applied to all PSR jobs to which you apply this year. You will only be invited to attend an in-person testing session if you pass the on-line PSEE.
  • Applicants will not be informed of their exact scores.
  • An invitation to write the PSEE will most likely be sent between Late December to January. Not all positions may require this test.
  • Note: If you pass the online PSEE, you may be invited to attend the Supervised Public Service Entrance Exam

What resources does IG provide?

Our team provides a suite of services that will assist you to prepare for this year’s campaign:

NOTE: All test materials have been revised and updated for the 2021 Post Secondary Recruitment Campaign and include practice materials for both the Test of Reasoning and the Test of Judgement.

  1. The IG Platinum Guide, for more information, click here
  2. The IG PSSE Study Guide, for more information, click here
  3. The IG Resume and Cover Letter Guide, for more information, click here

Important dates to remember

November 30, 2022

  • Last day for applicants to submit applications for inventories.

Late December to January 2023

  • An Email invitation may be sent to applicants with instructions to write the Unsupervised PSEE (this may occur later given the pandemic measures in place).

February 2023 and onward

  • If the Candidate passes the unsupervised PSEE they may be required to take additional exams or referred to a department for a job position or for further testing.

Best luck in this year’s PSR campaign!

Source: Government of Canada PSR information page