It’s 8:30 in the morning, you open your email and to your pleasant surprise, there is a message from the Government of Canada for the job competition that you applied to over two months ago. You really want this job and you know that you have the perfect education and work experience for the position. You are almost certain that this job will be yours, you take a deep breath as you excitedly open the message. Suddenly, your heart sinks…once again another rejection letter.

You are not alone. Every week, thousands of smart candidates just like you get rejected in job competitions, many do not even make it past the cover letter and resume screening process. Often, these job candidates have a perfect profile for the job, but they did not present their information in a way that appealed to the Human Resources Manager.

Hiring Managers in the Government of Canada can receive thousands of job applications for one position in the space of 48 hours. In the large majority of cases, they do not have the time to carefully review each cover letter and resume to ensure that your application matches their needs. Thus, it is important that you do this for them.

I received many rejection letters also from the Government of Canada before I got my first job position in the federal service. Since then, I have successfully applied for numerous job positions inside the Government using the same format that I did when I obtained my first position. The good news is, you do not have to make the same mistakes that I did. You do not need to receive another rejection letter. You can finally have that dream job that you always wanted and deserve. After years of experience and insider knowledge, I will show you in the Insider’s Guide Resume and Cover Letters report exactly what you can do to ensure that your application is screened in for job positions that you apply to.

Life is too short to miss yet another opportunity at your dream job in the Government of Canada. Here is how I will help you make that dream a reality.


Here is a brief look inside the e-book:

  • A step-by-step cheat sheet on to build your own winning resume that will satisfy the needs of overwhelmed and busy human resource managers.
  • The 10 golden rules for an amazing Government of Canada resume regardless of your education and work experience and insider information on exactly what to place and where in your resume to have maximum impact. Also, a sample resume with identified mistakes and explanations of why it would be rejected so you don’t make the same mistakes.
  • How to walk the walk and talk the talk of Human Resource Managers by using Government of Canada buzzwords that will make you stand out from your competition every time.
  • Done-for-you template for a stunning cover letter with insider information of what exactly to put in it to highlight your strengths while satisfying the needs of Human Resource Managers (hint: it is not what you think).
  • How to highlight your part-time work and educational experience to compensate for a lack of professional work experience.
  • How to convert your resume and cover letter from word to text (.txt) format while not losing the style of your original; and,
  • Exclusive never seen before insider steps on how to scan your cover letter and resume like Human Resource managers so that you can prevent your job application from being screened out.

The IG’s Resumes and Cover Letters e-book is the first and last guide that you will ever need to submit powerful and effective job applications and get rid of job application rejections emails once and for all.

The IG’s Resumes and Cover Letters e-book



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Look at what others had to say…

Thank you William for this amazing report, after four months of using the techniques described, I obtained my dream job. I had six rejected Government applications prior to implementing the techniques provided in this report. – JoAnne, B

William, I spent hundreds on worthless conferences and resume workshops. I heard about your report from a buddy and I decided to give it a shot. I now work for the federal public service thanks to you. – Li Ming
I was part of your pilot test of students, I’m writing you to thank you for providing this clear guide for students like me. Most of my friends with similar work experience got screened out at the first stage! – Robert, H