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What’s new in the Government of Canada? A speed staffing event in Montreal!

It is very, very rare that the Government of Canada has a job process that is fast. My dear readers,  this is one of those situations. A speed staffing initiative has been launched from the Quebec Federal Council Innovation Laboratory by the Public Service Commission of Canada for various careers, mainly in the province of [...]

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Public Service Entrance Exam additional information

The Public Service Entrance Exam is divided into two categories: Unsupervised and Supervised. Under the “Unsupervised” category, there are three options that departments can use. All of the exams can be written in any physical environment, given the test taker has access to a computer and an internet connection. The main unsupervised exam: Unsupervised Internet Test [...]

How to get a job in the Government of Canada through the Post Secondary Recruitment campaign

In this post we will interview Becky who has been working for the Canadian Government for almost a decade. In this interview, we will discuss her educational background, what motivated her get a job in the Canadian federal government, obtain an overview of her first job competition, and finally her perception of her job as a public [...]

Eye on the Government- 2016 First Quarter

Prior to the release of Budget 2016 on March 22nd, 2016 by the new Liberal Government, movement within the Public Sector and external competitions was already beginning to increase. The new Budget has made investment commitments in various sectors of the economy. Here is a brief summary of how some of these investments may affect [...]

Do this and see your Government of Canada career take off

After working in the Government of Canada for several years, I have seen many people build and others destroy their careers. Others stay stagnant for a long time and do not see much movement in their careers. So what is the secret to success? Interpersonal skills. It is important to know how to use these [...]

How to Succeed in the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) – Strategies

The Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) is the first screening test provided in the Post Secondary Recruitment Campaign. The Public Service Entrance Exam – Unsupervised Internet Test 370 (PSEE UIT 370) is taken online anywhere where candidates can connect to the internet. If candidates are successful, they are then invited to take the Public Service [...]

The one mistake that can ruin your Government of Canada career

After being a public servant for several years I have witnessed different communication and interpersonal skills. This is normal and expected in an environment where professionals have varied educational backgrounds and work positions. Unfortunately, one thing that I have seen repeated with various levels of damage is an employee’s inability to use tact. This is [...]

What are your options after being screened out of the Post Secondary Recruitment campaign?

The Government of Canada’s Post Secondary Recruitment campaign (PSR) is run annually by the Public Service Commission. The PSR provides post secondary students with the opportunity to secure a full-time indeterminate position in the Government of Canada. Every year, tens of thousands of post-secondary students who have graduated or are near graduating, write the exams [...]

The two job development options in the Government of Canada that are never discussed

A big misconception about a position in the Government of Canada is that all job opportunities only exist in other Government of Canada departments or Crown Corporations. This could not be further from the truth. While the majority of public servants do not venture outside of federal departments and Crown Corporations during their careers, several [...]