Here are some of the emails we have received from our customers who have purchased the Insider’s Guide or our study kits:

Recent Graduate Government of Canada

Thank you so much! I have been a Government of Canada employee for over six years. For the past five and a half years I felt stuck in my position as an AS-01. Despite having a university degree, I was unable to market my skills correctly. After purchasing the Insider’s Guide book, I applied to several competitions using the newly acquired knowledge. I was able to get into three pools, and just signed my letter of offer for a PM-04.

I feel so much better in my new position and of course an extra $10 000 yearly is also appreciated. Your book was a worthwhile investment that paid for itself several times over in the first year alone.

– Mohammad H.
Natural Resources Canada

Despite my strong qualifications, I was consistently being screened out of competitions. I was about to give up before I found the Insider’s Guide to Canadian Government Jobs on Google.
Without the Insider’s Guide, I would continue being screened out of competitions in the early stages of jobs that I knew I was qualified for. I now enjoy a rewarding government job, a healthy work-life balance and great benefits. This book saved me a lot of time in preparing for my career switch to the public sector not to mention how confident it made me feel during the interview process.

– K.T
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFAITD)

I just wanted to say thanks for putting together the Insider’s Guide Platinum Study Package. It’s my first time applying to the Government of Canada. However I feel much more confident after reading your advice and going through the practice exams. I have found this resource to be the best out there in terms of the content.

– Bradley
Statistics Canada

After following the excellent tips in the book for creating federal government-specific job applications, I received several callbacks from a number of public sector agencies, and this, during the peak of workforce cuts in the federal government. This confirms the statement that you made on your blog that there are always jobs available for dedicated job seekers. Your book is a rare source of information for those of us who know little about the federal government and its hiring processes.

– Ling
Department of Finance

I made it! I have been attempting to get a Federal government job in Ottawa for three years after graduating from university. A friend of mine recommended this e-book and upon reading it, I realized I was making the same mistakes over and over in my online application form.

I started applying the proposed strategies to new job competitions and six months later, I got not one but two job offers from different departments.

Thank you Mr. Smith for taking the time to write such an honest and insightful guide which has made a real difference in my career.

– Rebecca
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

National Defense Canada Hiring

 3 year money back guarantee

The government hiring process can be long. Although some readers have obtained government jobs in as little as 6 months, not everyone will have the same degree of success.

William is so confident of the techniques in his book, that he offers a full refund after 3 years. If after 3 years you have not secured a government job, simply send us an email and we will gladly credit you for the full price of the book.*

* Proof of reasonable attempt may be required.

Start your Government of Canada career now

For too many, landing a government job in the public service is the dream of a lifetime.  For many other job searchers, it seems like an almost impossible feat.

We know that landing a job in the government of Canada is just a matter of having a structured approach for each application, starting right now.

William provides you with all the tools you need: the experience of many successful years of selected federal government employees and all the proven strategies to effectively get screened in, excel the written and oral exams, and succeed at obtaining a government job.