The idea of writing the suite of Insider’s Guide electronic books and tests was born from William Smith’s personal quest to find quality reference materials on the Government of Canada’s hiring process for personal friends and acquaintances. In his quest, William realized that it was imperative for anyone applying to understand the intricacies of Government applications and exams.

After years of working in the public sector both abroad and in Canada, William found that the information available for the public had at least one of the following problems:

  1. It did not accurately reflect or explain how the recruitment process works;
  2. The process was explained in insufficient detail; and
  3. The information or practice tests were not affordable for most job seekers.

Based on the struggle that William experienced while looking for reference materials for getting a job in the federal government, he began a mission. William spent thousands of dollars and countless hours analyzing books, attending conferences and reading through websites. He diligently took notes on the areas of confusion and missing information that emerged in the products, books and websites that he read. William also noted the concerns and misconceptions that the general public had on the selection process. Using the above formula, William formed the basis of the Insider’s Guide series.

After his analysis of the shortcomings of the information, services and products available, the first part of his mission was completed. However, to have a comprehensive and “insider’s” guide on how to obtain a government job, it would be necessary to speak with several public servants. Using his network, William identified and consulted with key professionals in the government recruitment field, and various public servants who were hired through various recruitment methods, at several departments, and at different levels. This ensured a holistic vision on the Government of Canada’s hiring practices as any of the above factors can play a role in the recruitment method used..

As a result of a four year quest to create an affordable, comprehensive, and effective insider’s guide on the best strategies and advice to dramatically increase your chances of getting a coveted federal government job, this suite of electronic books and practice tests have been created.

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We wish you all the best in your journey at getting a job at the Canadian Government!