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Conservative Party and Government of Canada jobs

Since the  release of the Conservative Party's Budget 2012, I have received various inquiries on the future of government jobs given the cuts that are being made in the Canadian Public Service. I can assure you two things: 1) These cuts are not based on the present fiscal situation of the country (Canada has a [...]

Post Secondary Recruitment – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Post Secondary Recruitment open to the general public? Post Secondary Recruitment is open to recent graduates or graduating students with a post secondary degree. Various additional requirements may apply, depending on the hiring department. 2. Do I require a specific post secondary degree to apply? Certain departments may require a specialization in a particular [...]

Interview with Policy Analyst in the Government of Canada – On Post Secondary Recruitment (part 4 of 4)

What advice would you like to give students applying to the Post Secondary Recruitment process? A: I have a few things that I would like to mention: 1) The Post Secondary Recruitment process does work -  I am proof of that. I had no contacts in the Government of Canada and I went through the same screening process as everyone [...]

Exclusive interview with policy analyst with the government of Canada (Part 3 of 4)

Can you explain how you were recruited for your position in the Government of Canada? A: Like I mentioned, I applied to 10 positions through the  Post Secondary Recruitment process within Government of Canada . I must have spent 3 weeks reading every book that I can get my hands on about how to prepare resumes [...]

Exclusive EC Policy Analyst – On working in the Government (part 2 of 4)

What are some of the challenges of working with the Government of Canada? A: Working with the Government of Canada can definitely have its challenges. Most shops have been hit by DRAP, or otherwise known as: the Deficit Reduction Action Plan . We now have  less people in most shops doing equivalent or more work than [...]

EC Policy Analyst Interview (Part 1 of 4)

I receive many inquiries about what is it like to be a Policy Analyst at the Government of Canada.  I asked Jenny who is a Policy Analyst in the Economist (EC) category to answer some of your questions. What is something that you would like to highlight about working with the Government of Canada? A: I [...]

The 2015 federal elections and the niqab

Over the past few weeks, the 2015 federal election has become increasing politicized. One of the latest issues is evolving around Zunera Ishaq who has refused to remove her niqab during the public swearing-in ceremony for her citizenship. Under the Conservative government, a policy introduced in December 2011, requires all participants seeking Canadian citizenship to be [...]

Top 6 ways to get a job in the Government of Canada

With over 800 000 applications to the Government of Canada in 2011 alone. The question is: How do I get a job in the Government of Canada? Below I will list the top six ways to get a job in the Government of Canada.  The Government of Canada's job website (jobs.gc.ca) - I suggest that you [...]

Visible minorities in the government

Over the past few years, the Government of Canada has made a conscious effort to improve outcomes for visible minorities wishing to enter into Government of Canada. It is important to note that Aboriginal Persons are not considered visible minorities. They are classified under a separate Employment Equity group which has it's own recruitment and [...]

What men should wear for an interview with the Government of Canada

Congratulations! You have passed the written exam(s). Many individuals perceive the hardest aspect of the recruitment process to be the written portion. A common question I will address in this article is: What should I wear? Although most Canadian government employees wear business casual attire to work, I highly advise against this choice of clothing for your interview. [...]