Budget2016Prior to the release of Budget 2016 on March 22nd, 2016 by the new Liberal Government, movement within the Public Sector and external competitions was already beginning to increase. The new Budget has made investment commitments in various sectors of the economy. Here is a brief summary of how some of these investments may affect departments:

Increase in Guaranteed Income Supplement and restore Old Age Security age of 65 This will affect
the departments of Employment and Social Development Canada as well as the Canada Revenue Agency.

Improve the lives of Indigenous people – This will affect Indigenous and Northern Affairs and may also affect the departments of Justice and Finance.

● Support Canadian arts and culture – This will affect the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canada Council for the Arts.

Enhance and improve disability awards and financial benefits for Veterans – This will affect Veterans Affairs Canada.

Invest in mitigating the effects of climate change – This will affect Environment Canada as well as various
other departments such as Transport Canada, and Agriculture Canada to name a few.

Reduce external contracting – While this affects all departments, it also allows departments to focus on other staffing activities such as hiring.

The above is a brief summary of which departments may be affected by the new investments. Several of these programs and initiative will require individuals with a deep knowledge of the subject matter which will allow room for present employees to relocate within the Public Sector and for new employees to enter the Government of Canada. This year will promise more competitions (and hopefully faster ones too) for those seeking a job in the Government of Canada.

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