GRTThe Graduate Recruitment Test is one of three Post Secondary Recruitment tests used to screen applicants.

The Graduate Recruitment Test consists of four types of questions:

Similarities – These questions provide you with 5 pairs of words and require you to choose the pair that illustrates the closest relationship. Here is a sample of this type of question:

a. Soccer – Badminton
b. Rugby – Tennis
c. Badminton – Tennis
d. Hockey – Rugby
e. Soccer – Netball

Arithmetic Problems – These questions are similar to high school word problems. The candidate is required to choose the equation that is needed to solve the problem from a list of 5 potential answers. Here is a sample of this type of question:

A college is offering 7 science classes and 9 French classes in this semester. Each science class has 28 open spaces and each French class has 25 spaces. If all the spaces are filled in each class, what is the total number of students taking classes this semester?
a. ((7+28) x (9+25))
b. ((7×25) + (9×28))
c. ((7×28) +( 9×25))
d. ((7+25) x ( 9+28))
e. (7×28) – ( 9×25))

Number Series –  These type of questions provide the candidate with a number series. The candidate is required to determine the number series and then choose the next number in the series from a list of 5 potential numbers. Here is a sample of this type of question:

Find the missing number in the series
4, 18, 48, 100,
a. 190
b. 125
c. 170
d. 180
e. 112

Figure analogies –  In these type of questions, the candidate is presented with a figure X,Y,Z and five answers. Figure X has been transformed to make figure Y.

The candidate must determine what is the transformation from figure X to Y and apply the same logic to figure Z to determine which of the 5 answers reflect the same transformation. Here is a sample of this type of question:














For more sample practice questions click here 

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