Government of Canada tips

In many departments, it is the first exam score that is evaluated. Many candidates find the exam difficult and unfortunately, a decent percentage
obtain poor to average results.
The GRT consists of 55 multiple-choice questions of four
1) Arithmetic (including word problems)
2) Word Similarities
3) Figure Analogies
4) Number Sequences

You will find that the rough paper will be particularly useful for the arithmetic problems and the number series.

The following tips will help you prepare you for the Graduate Recruitment Test.
  • Practice:  Unless you are extremely strong in math, you will need to do many practice examples for this exam. Review  ord problems from high school arithmetic books, studyrelevant sections from standardized tests such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Also consider purchasing affordable Graduate Recruitment Test practice exams from the Insider’s Guide website here.
  • Bring a watch to the exam: Most test supervisors will not allow you to place your cellphone on your table for the time. So bring a watch.
  • Read questions carefully: As they are math problems, look for key words that can hint to the final answer.
  • Move quickly yet carefully: You must move fast, many candidates under estimate how long it will take to finish the exam and realize in the last 10 minutes that they have many uncompleted questions. It is imperative to pace yourself carefully and not spend more than 1 minute maximum per question- especially in the beginning (remember you will need time to read the question). The test becomes significantly harder towards the end.