As a  student selected from the Post Secondary Recruitment campaign, you will most likely be offered a position at the EC02 or EC04 position.

What was negotiated?

As of July 12th,2012, the rates of pay on Treasury’s board website are reflected in the table below as “Present salary”. Under that, was the new negotiated rates from the union.

EC-02 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 New step

Present salary

  50,122   51,357   52,601   54,444   56,917  


  50,999   52,256   53,522   55,397   57,913  


  51,764   53,040   54,324   56,228   58,782  

2013 (increase of 2.0% + increase of 3.45% at top level)

      –   54,100   55,411   57,352   59,957   62,026
EC-04 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 New step

Present salary

  59,009   61,233   63,328   65,517   68,498  


  60,042   62,305   64,436   66,664   69,697  


  60,942   63,239   65,403   67,664   70,742  

2013 (increase of 2.0% + increase of 3.45% at top level)

      –   64,504   66,711   69,017   72,157   74,646

As you can see, this was a good agreement, an EC starting  at step 1 todaywould be earning $50 122. However, by next year this time they will be earning $52 799. That’s a difference of $2677 dollars! Needless to say that many analysts in the EC community are content today as the rates of pay have increased between 5.3% to 9%.


Treasury Board of Canada rates of pay

Cape Union collective agreement 

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